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Deadline Extended to August 11th

We are extending our deadline to August 11th - please get those applications to us as soon as possible!!!

Also, as we start transitioning to the Fall season, you will see a series of asterisks attached to players' names. 

One asterisk (*) means that you have informed the league that you will be playing this fall.

Two asterisks (**) means you have informed the league that you will NOT be playing this fall.

We have e-mailed everyone that has not been annotated one way or the other.  By later this week, the returning players will lose their asterisk once we send them a letter with the reduced cost on it.  This way, the league knows not to make arrangements for you to receive a new uniform. 

Please keep us updated if your status changes - thanks!! We are looking forward to another great season. 

8/8/2013 11:07:53 AM
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