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So that everyone will have a basic understanding of how our schedules will work in July and this fall, please allow us a moment to try to explain the concept we have used successfully in the Cotton States High School baseball league.

In July (7/6-7/28) expect to have a game every Saturday (starting at 1:00) and every Sunday (starting at 1:30).  Additionally, each team will play 2 mid-week games on either Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and/or Friday evenings at 6:30.  Depending on the number of players and teams, we may not have to play on all of those available dates.

In the fall (9/7-11/10) we play on Saturdays if Miss State and/or Ole Miss do not have a home SEC football game (we know how expensive those tickets are)and we play on every Sunday to get in our 12 games.

Of course, all of these schedules depend upon cooperative weather, the ability to make-up games, etc.  We recommend that you follow @cottonstates on Twitter for last minute schedule changes. 

Thank you for your interest in the league - we are looking forward to having an outstanding inaugural season!!! 

5/30/2013 10:05:46 AM
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