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Let's Try This Again
We are always interested in re-forming the league if we can find enough interested players.  We have beautiful facilities and an opportunity for the players to get better while playing against area competition.

Please send your application by AUGUST 8th.  If we have 48 players (12 per team) we will play primarily on Sunday afternoons starting the weekend after Labor Day.
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Applications for the 2015 Season
Because so many of you are calling and asking, we wanted to update you on the status of the league for 2015.  Yes, we are planning on having both a July season and a Fall season!!!  

You do NOT have to make a final decision about whether or not you want to play in both seasons until later this summer.  And yes, you will still receive the same discount.

The deadline for applications for the JULY Season is June 7th

As we approve you, there is an automated letter that is sent to your e-mail address IF there is no typo and your filter doesn't throw it into junk mail.  Just click on League Players and find your name if you don't receive your automated approval letter.  Feel free to call (662) 539-2440 with any questions and please help us spread the word with your teammates so that we can continue to get even bigger and better!!! 

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Fall Season Cancelled

We hate to announce that the 2014 Fall season is cancelled due to having too few players signed up.  We were excited about another opportunity for the 30+ young athletes to continue getting better but we cannot proceed with less than 40-45 players.  We will be refunding all money paid for the fall next week - if you have not been notified by next Thursday, then please feel free to contact the league office. This does include refunding $155 to those players who paid for both seasons.

We appreciate your understanding and hope to be able to play again next July!!!

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